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Modijet® DTF complete system for DTF Production

Modijet® DTF complete system for DTF Production

Transfers without compromise: Modijet® DTF complete system. It combines all manufacturing processes in an integrated production system: From printing to powdering and drying to the finished product. Made in Germany and full of technical details that will make you sit up and take notice!

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The DTF production urgently needs an update. As tempting and versatile as the design possibilities in the finishing market with DTF are, previous workflows suffer from thermal, chemical and/or mechanical problems. Modico GmbH presents the currently most advanced solution for the production of transfers – Made in Germany: Modijet® DTF.

This device system covers the complete production of transfers from printing to adhesive application and drying – and solves various problems of previous production systems. Made in Germany, the Modijet® DTF production system meets all the necessary certifications, the Oekotex standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS V6.0) and is now ideal for finishing textiles and other everyday objects, as long as they are processed in a transfer press or by Refine iron-on.

How deeply and seriously the developers went into the creation of a production-friendly device can be seen in various sophisticated details: it is simply extremely pleasant when the print head moves to a position in which it is illuminated for cleaning. And cleaning the underside of the print head is facilitated by a mirror at the bottom of the cleaning position. Keyword print heads: no converted mainstream goods are used here, but real industrial print heads from Epson.


The Modijet ®  DTF system is packed with technology and well thought-out features:

  • 1.5l paint tanks with level sensor
  • white circulation
  • Model DTF 260 can be upgraded to 4 print heads at any time
  • Robust print carriage (print head plate milled from aluminium)
  • Crash sensor to protect the printing unit
  • Print bed heating (3 zones, temperature separately adjustable)
  • Adjustable vacuum on the print bed
  • Feed to the powder container with pre-dryer (top and bottom heat)
  • Large powder container with level sensor, vibration and controlled dosing
  • Temperature-controlled infrared drying
  • Cooling fan after the drying tunnel
Modijet DTF - OekoTex zertifiziert
Modijet DTF - Made in Germany

The Modijet ®  DTF system is PLC controlled, allowing one operator to have integrated control of all production operations. All functions of the powder dryer can be controlled via the 7″ touch display. If one of the sensors reports a need for action, the system triggers a status lamp and an acoustic signal so that the operator can regulate many things during operation, such as the filling level of the powder container, the temperature control of the infrared heater and much more.

The developers have managed to reduce the mechanical stresses on the transfer film during transport through the various steps to a minimum. Braked unwinding of the film, the adjustable beater with laser sensor, the adjustable conveyor belt through the main dryer and the well thought-out winding unit ensure smooth operation and little maintenance.

The energy-saving mode is particularly worth mentioning: during breaks in production, this mode immediately reduces the operating temperature by around 40%, which protects hardware and energy consumption in equal measure. When the energy saving mode is exited and work is resumed, the Modijet ®  DTF system can warm up to operating temperature very quickly.


By the way: Modico Graphics also supplies completely new finishes for DTF designs: the materials used for Modijet ® DTF make it possible to add special effects to the printed DTF motifs. During the transfer process, these are then simply pressed onto the textile. This creates fascinating reflection effects that were previously not possible in the textile sector. You will surely come across these Reflectissimo ® foils soon.

All these properties make the Modijet ® DTF complete system a highly integrated production system. It is designed for continuous industrial operation and large-scale production, but it can also make sense in the specialized field of advertising materials such as in fan shops or in shopping centers: end customers who want to decorate their jacket or t-shirt with a special motif can be served in just a few minutes.

Write to us here if you would like to receive the detailed brochure of the Modijet DTF system.